Zaki Foods specialty food


Introducing Zaki Snacks

There's no doubt about it: we love chips. 

For generations, our favorite family tradition has been to grab a bag and gather together to enjoy the satisfaction of a good crunch. From casual conversations to big celebrations, the bond over a bag of chips has always brought us comfort, community, and joy.

And now, we want to share that same feeling with you. 

What do we make?

Three years ago, our family sat down to test and perfect the recipes that had been passed down to us. We packed our bags and traveled around the world to find the best natural ingredients in order to ensure the superior flavor, quality, and originality of our snacks.

From savory “Manakish” to sweet “Baklava”, our unique variety of flavorful chips are all made with real ingredients. 

We skip the artificial stuff and opt for the real deal flavor boosters like walnuts, thyme, chickpeas, and cheese. 

No matter the craving, our full selection includes something for every palate.

How do we make them?

We manufacture all of our chips and snacks in sunny southern California. 

Our unique products are all made by hand without ever compromising texture or flavor. 

Got a family recipe of your own you'd like to try? Our team can even manufacture custom recipes with unusual ingredients - just ask!

Why Zaki Snacks?

When you choose Zaki, you choose family. The recipes and methods we use are the same ones our ancestors used for generations before us. Choosing Zaki is an opportunity to honor the pure, real flavors of our past while enjoying all that life has to offer in the present. 

Our snacks are handmade with love and joy using only the highest quality ingredients. 

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